Hydroponic Water Systems

Reverse osmosis systems and de-chlorination systems are often needed for hydroponic cultivation systems and for irrigation water. Water quality and mineral content can vary widely based on your location and water source. While municipal water may just need de-chlorination and pH adjustment, well water and other sources may need further purification to remove excess minerals that can interfere with nutrient formulations.

Along with water treatment systems, Hortitech direct offers water chillers for extractors. Why does your extractor need a water chiller? Water chillers cool water that is pumped through a condenser coil in an extraction system like those used for distillation. When the water is sufficiently cooled, extractions will take less time and result in more pure extracts.

Whether you are looking for water systems for water purification or for laboratory systems, Hortitech Direct has a number of offerings to suit your needs, with many products shipping free!

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