Buying Utah Greenhouses

Utah farmers increasingly face challenges of drought and warming temperatures. While these conditions can spell disaster for outdoor crops, growing in a greenhouse can be a great option. Using containers or raised beds in a greenhouse allows you to use enriched soil and gives you more control over resources like irrigation water. Likewise, greenhouse plastic can protect plants from overly intense sunlight and protect them from freezing in the winter. Greenhouses are especially valuable if you are cultivating high-value crops or especially sensitive plant species.

Best Greenhouses for Utah

If you are looking to build a greenhouse in Utah, the best option is going to be a greenhouse kit with automated ventilation. Automated ventilation is connected to a thermostat and can be wired to more advanced environmental controllers to provide even better automated ventilation control. At a minimum you will want a greenhouse with natural ventilation from roll-up sides. However, since Utah can get very hot, using fans will be more effective for combating heat. You will also want to invest in infrared greenhouse plastic like Berry Tufflite TES. This greenhouse covering is UV stabilized and has infrared additives that help keep temperatures stable inside the greenhouse.

Greenhouses for Sale in Utah

Whether you are in Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Castle Valley, Vernal, Layton, Cache Valley, Utah, or beyond, you can take advantage of Hortitech Direct’s manufacturer-direct greenhouse prices with convenient freight delivery. We also offer greenhouse consulting and remote site audits that can help you make sure you are getting the right greenhouse for your location and your particular crop.

Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies Delivered

Even if you don’t buy your greenhouse from Hortitech Direct, we offer convenient online ordering and delivery for grow supplies and agricultural equipment. Whether you need pots, nutrients, grow lights, or growth medium, we have a large selection with many options that include free shipping. We know how much hard work it takes to operate greenhouses and nurseries and are excited to offer these convenient options for farmers in Utah and beyond!