New Jersey Greenhouses

The Garden State is a great place to build a greenhouse, especially as the state opens up to the cultivation of newly legalized specialty crops. While high tunnels are practical structures for farmers growing food crops and ornamentals, you will want a more complete greenhouse kit to protect your high-value crops and allow you to cultivate them all year round.

Commercial Greenhouse in New Jersey

Commercial greenhouses are usually very large greenhouses or consist of multiple greenhouses on a particular site. As a commercial greenhouse grower, your greenhouses need to provide labor-saving solutions like automated ventilation and automated light deprivation. Commercial growers are more likely to need large quantities of horticultural lighting and cultivation supplies. Sourcing these materials at a competitive price can be a challenge, but Hortitech Direct has these needs in mind. We offer a massive selection of greenhouse supplies and equipment in addition to our manufacturer-direct pricing on greenhouse frames and greenhouse kits.

Best New Jersey Greenhouses

Greenhouses in New Jersey need to be built with consideration to the state’s different climate zones. Areas like Newark, Jersey City, Elizabeth, Woodbridge, and Toms River have a hot humid continental climate with Vernon, Dover, Hackettstown, Newton, and Rockaway having a warm humid continental climate. When it comes to Atlantic City, Millville, Pleasantville, Ocean City, and Brigantine the climate is humid and subtropical. While a greenhouse with natural ventilation from roll-up sides can be suitable for warm areas that get good wind, hotter areas may need extra cooling from automated ventilation.

When it comes to building a greenhouse for subtropical humid climates, you should definitely invest in greenhouse plastic with an anti-condensate additive and may also need to consider a greenhouse dehumidifier. Excess moisture from humidity is a major concern for greenhouse growers because it encourages pests and pathogens. Controlling humidity is also important because it reduces stress to plants.

In addition to warm and humid summer conditions, New Jersey also gets quite cold in the winter. If you want to operate your greenhouse all year round, you’ll want to consider a Modine Heater and HAF fans to keep the greenhouse warm. Structurally, a semi-gable greenhouse with a center peak will help the greenhouse shed snow, and truss reinforcement will support the greenhouse frame against the weight of the snow.

Greenhouses for Sale in New Jersey

If you are struggling to find wholesale greenhouses in New Jersey, Hortitech Direct’s manufacturer-direct pricing could be an attractive offer. However, freight shipping can make our options more practical for commercial growers seeking multiple greenhouses and less attractive to small-scale growers. You can get a freight shipping quote from our friendly and attentive support staff to assess if those costs will make local options more practical. In either case, you’ll find that our greenhouses are made with 100% US steel 1 7/8" .095 GA bows and 2 3/8" .095 GA posts which make them a durable option that will last you for years to come. Many of our greenhouse supplies also ship free, meaning that even if you don’t buy your greenhouse from Hortitech Direct you can still equip and supply your greenhouse with convenient online ordering and delivery.