Oregon Greenhouses from Hortitech Direct

Hortitech is an Oregon based greenhouse company that offers high-quality greenhouse kits with manufacturer-direct pricing. We use our online greenhouse store to showcase our greenhouse kits that are made in La Pine, OR.

Where Can I Buy a Commercial Greenhouse?

Greenhouse gardening in Oregon does not have a one size fits all option. Oregon has many different climate zones that range from the misty and damp coastal climate to the hot and arid southern and eastern regions, and snowy conditions through Central Oregon and the mountains. Since Hortitech is a Central Oregon greenhouse company, we understand the state’s climate and geography and can interpret those needs in the context of Oregon greenhouse needs. We offer many greenhouse kits in our online greenhouse store and can also customize orders!

Are you growing everyone's favorite short-day specialty crop?

Specialty crop growers will love our customizable light deprivation greenhouses! Our expert staff is highly experienced in this type of cultivation and can help set you up for success. If you're struggling with your existing light deprivation greenhouse, we can also provide assistance and retro-fit light dep options!

Custom and Light Dep Greenhouses for Oregon

With the success of specialty crops, there is a high demand for Oregon light deprivation greenhouses. Hortitech Direct offers many greenhouse kits, but we can also help you design a custom greenhouse. We have options for automated external light deprivation greenhouse kits, manual external light deprivation greenhouse kits, and automated internal light deprivation greenhouse kits. Wherever you are building or operating a greenhouse in Oregon, Hortitech Direct has endless options for greenhouse design, construction, and greenhouse supplies.

Hortitech Greenhouses for Sale in Oregon

  • Light Dep Greenhouse Kits
  • High Tunnel Greenhouse Kits
  • Passive Ventilation Greenhouse Kits
  • Automated Ventilation Greenhouse Kits
  • Automated Drying Houses


    Best Greenhouse for Central Oregon

    The Central Oregon climate is a mix of dry high desert heat with intense sun and winter snow. If you are building a Central Oregon greenhouse, you have many economical options for seasonal greenhouses but you can also design a year-round all-season greenhouse that will allow you to keep growing through the winter. If you want to build a mountain greenhouse in Oregon, you’ll also need to factor in the impacts that altitude has on greenhouse HVAC systems.

    Best Greenhouse for Southern Oregon

    The Southern Oregon climate features dry heat and intense sunlight. When looking for greenhouse kits in Southern Oregon, you’ll want to give special consideration to your greenhouse plastic which will benefit from UV and IR additives that help maintain greenhouse plastic quality under intense solar radiation. You may also want to consider a greenhouse with automated ventilation that can mediate summer heat.

    Luckily, if you need greenhouse plastic or other supplies, Hortitech Direct offers Southern Oregon greenhouse supply and greenhouse construction. We provide options for delivery or pick-up from our La Pine, OR location. If you are looking to build a greenhouse in Southern Oregon, we offer local delivery that is convenient and economical in addition to pick-up options.

    Best Coastal Oregon Greenhouses

    The Coastal Oregon climate means that there are different considerations for greenhouse kits in Portland, Oregon vs greenhouse kits in La Pine, Oregon. The coastal region of Oregon experiences more moisture from rain and lighting challenges from the fog. A Portland, Oregon greenhouse, Salem, Oregon greenhouse, or greenhouse in Eugene, Oregon is more likely to need supplemental lighting than an greenhouse for sale in the south or central regions of the state. Specialty crop cultivators on the coast will want to be vigilant of the light transmission ratings for their greenhouse plastic and may also need to employ greenhouse dehumidifiers to reduce humidity.

    Hortitech is a greenhouse manufacturer, designer, and builder that understands the specific demand of your greenhouse site. We’ll make sure that you get the right greenhouse plastic, greenhouse frame, ventilation components, and can assist if you need a greenhouse builder to construct your greenhouse.

    Oregon Greenhouse Builders

    If you are looking for a greenhouse for sale in Oregon, you’ll first want to make sure that it is a greenhouse made in Oregon. Hortitech Direct greenhouses are made with US steel and are manufactured locally in La Pine, Oregon. Working with Oregon greenhouse builders means that you are buying locally, have local support, low-cost delivery, and pick-up options. Hortitech is one of the premier greenhouse builders in Oregon because we offer full support, an unbeatable product, and expert consulting.

    Oregon Greenhouse Construction

    When it comes to greenhouse construction in Oregon, you’ll need to consider factors like local building codes and zoning along with the constraints and considerations of your specific greenhouse site. You are in luck if you are working with Hortitech Direct for your Oregon greenhouse construction because we can offer more extensive on-site construction and consulting in addition to greenhouse kits for sale in Oregon. Our local La Pine Oregon greenhouse experts are here to help whether you are building a Eugene, Oregon greenhouse or an Ashland, Oregon greenhouse.

    Hortitech’s Oregon Greenhouse Service Areas

    Hortitech Direct offers offline greenhouse construction and supply solutions for many Oregon locations. Here are just some of the areas we can service in-person:

    • Albany, Oregon
    • Applegate, Oregon
    • Ashland, Oregon
    • Aurora, Oregon
    • Beaverton, Oregon
    • Bend, Oregon
    • Canby, Oregon
    • Cave Junction, Oregon
    • Eugene, Oregon
    • Gold Hill, Oregon
    • Grants Pass, Oregon
    • Hillsboro, Oregon
    • Hubbard, Oregon
    • Hermiston, Oregon
    • Jacksonville, Oregon
    • Klamath Falls, Oregon
    • Lebanon, Oregon
    • Medford, Oregon
    • Ontario, Oregon
    • Phoenix, Oregon
    • Portland, Oregon
    • Salem, Oregon
    • Selma, Oregon
    • Shady Cove, Oregon
    • Sisters, Oregon
    • Prospect, Oregon
    • Redmond, Oregon
    • Rogue River, Oregon
    • Talent, Oregon
    • Williams, Oregon
    • And many more!

    Oregon Greenhouse Supply

    Hortitech Direct is more than just Hortitech Greenhouse, we now offer more quality products for greenhouses, gardening, and hydroponic supplies. If you are looking for greenhouse plastic or shade cloth in Oregon, we offer selections from BTL Liners in Prineville, Oregon in addition to Berry Plastics. Hortitech Direct is more than local La Pine Oregon greenhouse and garden supply, we can ship your supplies directly to you or offer pick-up options.