Oregon Greenhouse Supplies

Hortitech Direct is a local greenhouse manufacturer and supplier of greenhouse kits and greenhouse supplies in La Pine, Oregon where we are based. If you are an Oregon greenhouse grower, you’ll be pleased to know that you can pick up many supplies from our manufacturing facility in La Pine, OR. You’ll also be supporting a local business! Hortitech Direct is the online store for Hortitech Greenhouse, which was originally called Central Oregon Greenhouse. We have the same expert staff and ownership that many have already come to depend on for greenhouse supplies, greenhouse frames, and greenhouse kits. If you already have a greenhouse, you know that you’ll still need supplies and occasional parts to repair it. In addition to our online offerings, we are able to manufacture custom replacement parts and help troubleshoot problems and repairs, even if you did not buy your greenhouse from us.

Tufflite Infrared Greenhouse Plastic

One of our top sellers is Tufflite Infrared Greenhouse Plastic. This is just one of the greenhouse coverings we offer from Berry Plastics. We also carry TuffliteIV, Tufflite Nursery Clear, and Tufflite Black & White. Tufflite Infrared and TuffliteIV are both four-year lifespan greenhouse plastics that can help you save money on greenhouse plastics long term. If you have more temporary needs, Tufflite Nursery Clear and Tufflite Black & White offer one-year lifespans for a slightly cheaper cost. TuffliteIV and Tufflite Infrared will cost a bit more upfront but offer more value over the longer lifespan of the greenhouse plastic. Best of all, we stock common sizes of greenhouse covers by Berry Plastics so you can pick them up short-notice if needed.

Greenhouse Plastic from BTL Liners

If you need something even stronger than Tufflite from Berry Plastics, Hortitech Direct also offers 9 mil and 12 mil greenhouse plastic from BTL Liners in Prineville, OR. We love to use greenhouse plastic from BTL Liners for end walls and for light deprivation greenhouses. They have woven greenhouse plastic options that are extra durable. We know that many Oregon greenhouse growers have crops that require light deprivation and can supply you with the best light deprivation plastic to ensure your greenhouse does not have any light leaks.

Greenhouse Heating

Oregon has a wide variety of climates, and some areas will experience frost and cold winter weather. If your greenhouse needs heating, Hortitech Direct offers many great options from Modine. The Modine PTP heaters are a great option for greenhouses and can run on either propane or natural gas depending on the model. For something more eco-friendly, you can check out Modine PTC heaters. Finally, we have the Modine Hot Dawg heater model which comes standard with electric wiring knockouts and field wiring connections for simplified installation and extra quiet operation.

Greenhouse Ventilation

Greenhouse ventilation is a great way to prevent mold and pests while creating a stable environment to nurture plant growth. Hortitech Direct offers agricultural ventilation equipment by J&D Manufacturing that is durable and reliable. Exhaust fans, HAF fans, and power intake shutters exchange fresh air, keep your greenhouse cool, and keep temperatures even through all parts of the greenhouse. If you are looking for natural ventilation, we have all of the parts and plastic you need to create roll-up sides.

Harvest Solutions

Did you know that Hortitech’s Jerad Lauzier is the inventor of the CannaBrush? CannaBrush is a high quality and high-efficiency alternative to hand trimming with scissors. You can simply brush away leaves without disrupting trichomes and buds. The CannaBrush is ergonomically friendly and allows you to trim more of your harvest faster and with less physical exhaustion. We also offer other harvest solutions like automated trimmers, drying racks, shredders, buckers, and even extraction equipment. If you have difficulty finding seasonal labor for harvest, automation can be a great option to ensure that your plants are trimmed, dried, and cured with less need for staffing.

Nutrients and More

In addition to greenhouse equipment, there is a huge selection of other greenhouse and cultivation supplies that you can order online from Hortitech Direct. We offer nutrient lines from a variety of manufacturers like Botanicare, General Hydroponics, Down to Earth, Emerald Harvest, CYCO, Nectar of the Gods, and more! You can even buy soil in bulk from us. We have a huge variety of greenhouse supplies like pruning shears, stakes, plant ties, shade cloth, ground cover, grow lights, and hydroponics supplies and systems. Many of these items have free shipping and offer convenient delivery so you can spend more time growing and less time at the store. If you are looking for greenhouse supplies in La Pine, Oregon and surrounding areas, we have everything you need. If you don’t see it online, be sure to give us a call or shoot us an email because we can often special order items outside of our online catalog!