Missouri Greenhouses

Growers from Joplin to Springfield, Jamesport, Columbia, Kearny, Missouri, and beyond are on the hunt for greenhouses. If your search has brought you to Hortitech Direct, you are in the right place for Missouri greenhouses. Hortitech Direct offers manufacturer direct greenhouse prices and a vast selection of greenhouse supplies to keep you growing. Whether you are growing food crops or specialty crops, a greenhouse from Hortitech Direct is a great option that will last for years to come. Whether you are a seasonal grower, year-round grower, or need light deprivation for growing specialty crops, we offer a variety of customizable greenhouse kits to cater to your specific needs.

Missouri Greenhouse Kits

Being located in the heart of the Midwest, Missouri can experience summer heat and winter snow. A passive ventilation greenhouse in Missouri for seasonal cultivation is a great option that is economical and will allow fresh air to flow through the roll-up sides. You may want to opt for some greenhouse insect screen to keep unwanted visitors off your crops though. Passive ventilation from roll-up sides is a great option since much of Missouri gets good wind and doesn’t generally get too hot. However, if you are in a part of Missouri that does get more hot and humid in the summer you may want to consider a greenhouse kit with mechanical ventilation. Automated intake and exhaust fans will help move fresh air in and move stale air out. Greenhouse dehumidifiers can also be installed if humidity is causing too much condensation accumulation on greenhouse plastic.

Greenhouses for Sale in Missouri

If your search for wholesale greenhouses Missouri isn’t turning up much, you’ll be excited to explore the manufacturer-direct options available from Hortitech Direct. Whether you are looking for a greenhouse frame for a DIY greenhouse, or a complete greenhouse kit, we have greenhouses to meet all needs from hobby growing to commercial greenhouses. Hortitech Direct is based in Bend, OR and can ship greenhouses nationwide at a competitive price.

You may see a lot of DIY greenhouse designs online, but many of those use wood which is a terrible choice because it is prone to mold and pests. For what you will spend on lumber, you can get a much stronger and longer lasting steel greenhouse frame for about the same cost from Hortitech Direct. Greenhouse frames that are made from stainless steel bars can also withstand the elements better than competitors who are using interlocking rails that can easily warp and bend. Hortitech Direct greenhouse frames are made with durable high-quality US Steel. They are built to last with 1 7/8" .095 GA bows and 2 3/8" .095 GA posts.

Greenhouse Supplies Missouri

Missouri is a fairly big state with abundant fertile farm lands, but taking trips to town for supplies can take up a lot of time, especially if you find that supplies are out of stock. If you want to save time and frustration, you can order your greenhouse supplies from Hortitech Direct and have them delivered right to your farm. We have everything you could possibly need from greenhouse plastic to nutrients, growth mediums, hydroponics equipment, and even supplies like trimming shears, netting, and stakes. Equipment large and small like shredders, drying racks, and rolling tables can all be ordered online and delivered right to your door. We offer a huge collection of greenhouse supplies and equipment with real human customer support to answer questions and ensure your order is processed and delivered promptly.