Idaho Greenhouse Kits

Are you looking for a greenhouse kit in Idaho? Hortitech Direct can meet your needs whether you are looking for greenhouses in Idaho Falls, Boise, Twin Falls, or the northern panhandle. Greenhouse kits from Hortitech Direct are manufactured nearby in Bend, OR using only the strongest US steel for greenhouse frames that will last for years to come. The best part? Since Idaho is so nearby you will get the lowest possible shipping costs on greenhouse kits!

Idaho Greenhouse Builders

When you design a greenhouse for Idaho, you’ll have to consider the specific geography and climate of your site and whether you are building a hobby greenhouse or commercial greenhouse. Idaho has arid conditions to the south, and more precipitation and snowfall through the north and central regions of the state. Just like Oregon greenhouses, a greenhouse in Idaho will have its climate influenced by weather patterns of the Pacific Ocean. Hortitech Direct has extensive experience as a greenhouse builder in the Pacific Northwest and can make sure your Idaho greenhouse is properly designed and equipped for those weather conditions.

What is the Best Greenhouse for Idaho?

The best greenhouse for Idaho will depend on what type of greenhouse plants you are growing and where precisely you are located. In general, passive ventilation greenhouse kits will be a great economical option in areas of the state with more temperate weather. However, if your greenhouse site is located in a part of the state that encounters heavy snow you will want to consider options for four-foot sidewall spacing, a sturdy semi-gable greenhouse frame, and truss reinforcement. If you want to use your greenhouse all year round, we can help you equip your greenhouse with heating and climate control systems custom designed for your site’s specific needs.

Idaho Greenhouse Supply Company

In addition to offering greenhouse building kits, Hortitech Direct is also a greenhouse supply company. We have everything you need to build and operate a greenhouse, whether it is a commercial greenhouse or hobby greenhouse. If you have an existing greenhouse that needs repair, you’ll find that we can supply all of those parts as well. Since we are a greenhouse manufacturer we can even custom fabricate greenhouse materials to meet all of your greenhouse supply needs!