Greenhouses for Sale in Texas

Greenhouses built for San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, or Houston are going to have slightly different design and equipment considerations. The Texas climate experiences a wide range of conditions that include arid and dry heat as well as humid heat, strong solar radiation, high winds, and strong storms and tornadoes. Greenhouses are a great option for Texas farmers because they allow for cultivation on lands with poor soil quality and keep crops safe from intense weather conditions. With growing interest in specialty crops across the US, demand for greenhouse kits has boomed. If you are looking for greenhouses for sale in Texas, here are some factors that you will want to consider when looking for a Texas greenhouse builder.

Cooling a Greenhouse in Texas

A Texas greenhouse builder needs to find commercial scale solutions to meet the demands of cooling a greenhouse in Texas. The warm climate means that growers can easily cultivate year-round, but summer heat can threaten crop health and productivity. While greenhouse sites in more temperate areas of the state can likely get by with passive greenhouse ventilation, many Texas greenhouse sites will benefit from automated ventilation greenhouse kits.

Greenhouses with automated ventilation employ equipment like shutter intake fans, greenhouse exhaust fans, and horizontal air flow (HAF) fans. If your Texas greenhouse site is in an arid region of the state like San Antonio, you may also need a more active cooling solution like evaporative cooling pads. On the other hand, greenhouses in more humid regions of Texas like Houston might need to employ a greenhouse dehumidifier and greenhouse plastic with anti-condensate (AC) additives to remediate greenhouse humidity problems like heat stress to plants, and pests and pathogens.

Greenhouse Supplies Texas

When buying greenhouse supplies in Texas, light intensity is a major consideration. This means that greenhouse plastics with UV and IR additives are a valuable option. IR and UV additives help greenhouse plastics stand up to intense solar radiation without flaking or yellowing. Texas greenhouses also need to have strong greenhouse frames that can withstand the strong winds and tornadoes that sweep over the Lone Star State. Luckily, Hortitech Direct greenhouse kits are made in the USA with 1 7/8" .095 GA bows and 2 3/8" .095 GA posts made of US steel.

Texas Greenhouse Prices

Texas greenhouse prices may incur higher shipping costs due to the need for freight delivery rates. However, Hortitech Direct greenhouse kits are competitively priced to leave room in your budget for shipping and construction costs. Greenhouses for sale in Texas are not necessarily cheaper than buying greenhouse kits from Hortitech Direct and may not be as good of a value long term. That is because Hortitech Direct isn’t just a greenhouse seller, we are also a US greenhouse manufacturer. With manufacturer direct pricing and close oversight to ensure only the highest quality greenhouse building materials are used, our commercial greenhouse options offer enduring quality along with an economical price tag.