California Greenhouses

Greenhouses in California are in high demand. While some growers are looking for commercial greenhouses for California, others are looking for just the greenhouse frame and prefer to take a DIY greenhouse approach. In either case, Hortitech Direct has endless options for California greenhouses for sale. While some locations in California like Riverside, Irvine, and Los Angeles will require freight shipping, we do offer our own delivery service for greenhouse delivery to some Northern California locations like Siskiyou County.

Best Greenhouses in California

California greenhouses are used to grow a wide variety of crops. The state is home to an abundant agriculture industry from food crops to smokable specialty crops. California also has a large variety of climates to consider when constructing a greenhouse. Whether you need a greenhouse with passive ventilation, mechanical ventilation, or even greenhouse heating for winter, Hortitech Direct offers the best value you will find.

Our greenhouses prices are manufacturer-direct and we manufacture all of our greenhouse frames locally in Bend, OR. Hortitech Direct greenhouse frames are made with durable high-quality US Steel. They are built to last with 1 7/8" .095 GA bows and 2 3/8" .095 GA posts. Greenhouse frames are made from stainless steel bars that withstand the elements better than competitors who are using interlocking rails that can easily warp and bend. No matter where you are in California, our greenhouse frames will last for years to come!

Greenhouses in Southern California

Greenhouses in Southern California need to consider the high heat that the region can encounter. Heat can cause major stress to plants, so you will want to consider a greenhouse kit with passive ventilation from roll-up sides at a minimum. If the heat at your greenhouse site gets especially scorching, mechanical ventilation greenhouse kits will help it stay cooler and reduce the risk of drought stress to plants. Roll-up sides on a greenhouse help cool the greenhouse, but if there is not much wind, you’ll need to move air mechanically with equipment like power intake fans on shutters and exhaust fans. Circulatory fans help keep greenhouse temperatures consistent and prevent stale oxygen depleted air from accumulating.

Greenhouses in Northern California

Northern California greenhouses may not experience as much summer heat at Southern California greenhouses, but some locations will experience freezing temperatures in the winter. If you want to grow year round in Northern California, you may need to invest in a greenhouse heater. Winter greenhouses that encounter significant snowfall can also benefit from insulation. Using a “double bubble” system where two sheets of greenhouse plastic are inflated with air is a great way to insulate your greenhouse and keep temperatures stable.

We’ve also noticed that there are a lot of growers in Northern California that like to take the DIY greenhouse approach. Our quonset greenhouse frames in 30-foot width are our best seller for the region. While many customers like the 30’x100’ quonset greenhouse frame, you can actually save a bit on greenhouse plastic if you opt for a 30’x96’ greenhouse frame. The 100-foot long greenhouse frame would require you to buy a bigger roll of plastic that is 150-feet long, but the 96-foot long greenhouse frame can use a 100-foot long roll of plastic.

Light Deprivation Greenhouses for California

California is a mecca for specialty crops that need light deprivation. Light deprivation needs to be 100% light proof to ensure that plants are successful. DIY systems that rig up black tarps with rope are not very good options because they are labor-intensive to operate and often have light leaks that can damage plants. Hortitech Direct offers three different light dep greenhouse options. First, there is the automated internal light dep greenhouse kit. This is a greenhouse inside of a greenhouse essentially. It is the most expensive option for light dep but is also the highest quality and longest lasting option. Second, there is the external automated light dep greenhouse kit. External automated light deprivation is a great option because it ensures that tarps are pulled on time, at the same time, every time! It will reduce the need for manual labor and offer reliable light deprivation.

Finally, the third option is the manual light deprivation greenhouse kit. Manual light deprivation requires more labor to pull tarps and this also means that workers are responsible for pulling tarps on and off at the same exact time every day. When done correctly, manual light dep can be just as effective as automated light dep. However, its success is directly tied to the reliability of the workers and human error can lead to crop damage. Our manual light dep systems will make this task easier and more reliable than if you attempt a DIY light deprivation system. Truly, the low cost of our manual external light dep greenhouse kits is a much better value than trying to do it yourself with parts from a home improvement store.

Greenhouses for Sale in California

Whether you are in northern areas like Siskiyou County or Ukiah, California, or if you are in areas like San Diego, Torrence, or Cardiff to the south, Hortitech Direct has the best greenhouses at the best prices for all California growers. Once your greenhouse is up and running, you can order all the greenhouse supplies you need from our convenient website and get them delivered right to your greenhouse. We offer everything from horticultural lighting to nutrients and growth medium and hydroponic equipment. With Hortitech Direct you have everything you need to build and operate a greenhouse right at your fingertips.