Fund your Hortitech Greenhouse with the High Tunnel Initiative

The High tunnel initiative explained

What is the NRCS and EQIP?

In an effort to promote self sustainability in American communities, the USDA established the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to offer financial aid in the form of Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) to help farmers, Indian Tribes, and community organizations expand their local crop production and extend their grow season.

The EQIP grant has many facets of financial assistance, one of which being the high tunnel system initiative that funds the purchase of passive ventilation greenhouse systems.

How much will the grant pay for?

The payment cap starts at $7,670 per year. This may change year to year and can be more if you qualify as a historically underserved producer. Check with your local USDA service office for the latest information.

The grant pays an amount that is a factor of square footage of the structure-- more square footage, more funding.

How to apply?

It's very easy to apply for an NRCS grant. It's open to individuals, businesses, nonprofits, Indian Tribes, and legal entities.

As a bonus you can apply for every new structure individually, even if you have been previously funded.

Which structures qualify for funding?

To be an eligible structure for funding:

  • the structure must be metal, wood or durable plastic
  • plastic covering must be UV protected
  • greenhouse must have a passive ventilation system, meaning roll-up side walls, and endwalls that can open or be removed
  • structure must come as a complete kit with warranties and installation instructions from the manufacturer
  • minimum 8ft peak height


The following does not qualify for financial assistance:

  • electricity,
  • plumbing,
  • lighting,
  • heating
  • or cooling

Your structure will still be able to qualify for a grant, however you will be responsible for these costs.

Want to learn more?

Check out the High Tunnel System Initiative at the NRCS USDA website

Apply now!

To apply for the EQIP grant, look and contact the nearest NRCS office!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hortitech greenhouses qualify for the NRCS grant?

Nearly all of our passive ventilation greenhouse kits will qualify. We only build with American galvanized steel, all of our frames meet the minimum peak high requirement, and our passive ventilation kits have roll-up sidewalls, with framed endwalls including a door.

Can I apply for a grant for a used greenhouse?

No, structures must be purchased new from a commercial source and installed according to manufacturer instructions.

What use case will qualify a structure for a grant?

The structure must be used for growing crops, and have no permanent walkways. Your crops must be grown in the natural soil profile, or in raised beds no higher than 12 inches in depth.

You cannot use the NRCS grant structure for any of the following:

  • Crops grown on benches or in pots
  • Nursery Stock
  • Crops that are federally restricted
  • Livestock or poultry
  • Storage


Can I build the structure myself?

Yes, you can install a commercially obtained kit by yourself, or with your own contractors.

What are the size limits for qualified structures?

There is no size limit. However there is a limit to financial assistance for each structure.

These Hortitech kits will qualify for an NRCS grant

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