Greenhouse Kits Colorado

Colorado Amendment 64, passed on November 6, 2012, led to legalization of a certain short-day specialty crop in January 2014. Since then, there has been an agricultural revolution in The Centennial State that has ignited the search for greenhouse kits in Colorado. Due to the high demand for agricultural structures, equipment, and services, you may have a hard time finding greenhouse kits for sale in Colorado that are suitable for specialty crop cultivation.

Colorado Greenhouse Builders

Colorado greenhouse builders need to understand the special considerations that come into play with the specific geography and climate of the state. Namely, snow and elevation need to be taken into consideration when designing greenhouses for Colorado growers. In 2019, an early October frost lead to major specialty crop losses, and growers faced additional challenges to crop quality that result from cross pollination from different varieties of specialty crops.

In states like Colorado, cultivating outdoors is a very economic option. However, if an early frosts hit prior to harvest there can be significant losses. In the best situations, growers can salvage the harvest and use it for extraction. However, this means that they will sacrifice some earnings due to the loss of crop quality and value. The same losses in crop value can be incurred if crops become seeded due to cross pollination from other nearby crops.

Greenhouses are a great solution for growers facing these challenges. You are still utilizing natural light and natural resources, but the greenhouse structure provides crops protection from wind, snow, heavy rain, pests, and shields crops from undesirable cross pollination.

Greenhouses for High Altitude

In addition to the benefits of greenhouse cultivation, Colorado greenhouses for high altitude have special engineering considerations. In high altitude gas-fired heating will have less output. At elevations above 2,000 ft, ratings need to be reduced 4% for each additional 1,000 ft above sea level. The gas flow rate must also be reduced. This compensates for reduced combustion air mass flow rate. Evaporative cooling systems also require adjustments for high altitude greenhouses.

Colorado greenhouse builders need to understand the role that altitude also plays when it comes to the interaction of sunlight and greenhouse plastic. Especially in the high desert climate of the Western Slope of the Rockies, solar radiation can be very intense. Standard glazings can break down faster under such strong sunlight so greenhouse plastics with UV and IR additives will be a greater value with a longer lifespan. Of course, specialty crop growers will also want to consider light deprivation greenhouse kits which Hortitech Direct offers many cost-effective options for.

A Greenhouse in Snow Country

If you are on the Eastern Slope of the Rockies, or inside the mountain range, you will need a greenhouse that can withstand snow. Hortitech Direct can help you calculate your greenhouse kits snow load and make recommendations for custom greenhouse design options with snow and elevation in mind.

Features of a Greenhouse That Can Withstand Snow

  • Semi-Gable greenhouse frames are strongest under snow
  • Truss reinforcement supports greenhouse frames
  • Four-foot sidewall spacing ensures structural integrity under snow load
  • Heating and climate control systems custom designed for your site’s specific needs
  • May need grow lights for supplemental lighting when sunlight is less available


Greenhouse Kits for Sale Colorado

Hortitech Direct has ample experience addressing the impacts of altitude, snow, and intense sunlight on greenhouse systems. Shipping a greenhouse kit to Colorado from Oregon, where Hortitech is located, can be costly. However, greenhouse kits from Hortitech Direct are priced competitively and will leave room in your budget for additional costs like greenhouse shipping. Most importantly, buying greenhouse kits for Colorado from Hortitech Direct means that you will get a commercial greenhouse kit that will last. Our kits are made with durable high-quality US Steel. They are built to last with 1 7/8" .095 GA bows and 2 3/8" .095 GA posts.

If you are looking for greenhouse kits for sale in Colorado, consider looking west for Hortitech Direct. We understand your specific needs as a specialty crop cultivator and can help you design a greenhouse system that meets those needs for years to come. Whether you are looking to grow year-round or seasonally, we can supply all of your Colorado greenhouse kit needs.