Montana Greenhouse Gardening

Montana is home to a bountiful agricultural industry but building a Montana greenhouse can be a challenge because truly all climate is local. The soil conditions, drought conditions, and temperature vary vastly from Billings to Norris, Helena, Great Falls, and beyond. Montana greenhouse gardening is very advantageous because it can protect crops from frost, excessive heat, and allows you to plant crops in areas with poor soil conditions. But finding greenhouses made in Montana can be a challenge so here are some reasons to consider getting your greenhouse from Hortitech Direct.

Best Greenhouses for Montana

There is no single best Montana greenhouse option since the state’s climate is so diverse but with Hortitech Direct greenhouse kits and custom greenhouse options you are guaranteed to get the right greenhouse for the right price. Here are just some of the customizable greenhouse kits that we offer:

Since Montana experiences snow and frost in many regions, year-round growers will want to also consider Modine Heaters and “double bubble” poly inflation kits that will provide insulation. Some other greenhouse customizations for winter greenhouses include using truss webbing to strengthen greenhouse bows and considering a 4-ft truss spacing that will brace your greenhouse against strong winds and heavy snow. You’ll also need greenhouse lighting to keep your greenhouse operating through the winter. Hortitech Direct offers many options for PAR lighting and supplemental lighting along with a large variety of greenhouse supplies that you can order online and get delivered to your doorstep. While most grow supply stores cater to hobby growers, Hortitech Direct aims to also fill the needs of commercial growers.

Montana Custom Greenhouses

Montana made greenhouses are really no different than a greenhouse manufactured in another state. While shipping a greenhouse to Montana can be costly, Hortitech Direct greenhouses offer manufacturer direct pricing that makes them some of the cheapest in the nation. Don’t be fooled by the low price tag though, our greenhouses are made with steel 1 7/8" .095 GA bows and 2 3/8" .095 GA posts. Our greenhouse frames are made from US steel and offer durability and resilience. Not only that, but our expert staff can help you design a custom greenhouse that caters to your local needs.

Since Hortitech Direct is a greenhouse manufacturer we offer a variety of greenhouses that work for everyone from hobby growers to commercial growers. We offer small greenhouses down to 20’x20’ and large commercial greenhouses up to 35’x120’. In addition to our variety of sizes, we can customize your sidewall height, truss spacing, and offer truss webbing for reinforcement. When it comes to covering your greenhouse, we have an endless variety of greenhouse plastics from Berry Plastics and BTL Liners as well as options for twin wall polycarbonate panels.

Greenhouses for Sale in Montana

Whether you just need a greenhouse frame to build your own DIY greenhouse in Montana or want a custom greenhouse kit, Hortitech Direct has everything you need. You don’t have to drive into town for greenhouse supplies or search for a greenhouse made in Montana when you can order online and get everything you need delivered. Hortitech Direct offers you quality, convenience, and competitive pricing for all of your horticultural needs. Now you can spend more time growing and less time and travel to source your greenhouse supplies and equipment.