Quonset 20'x100' Auto External Light Dep Kit

Quonset 20'x100' Auto External Light Dep Kit

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The 20' Auto External Light Deprivation Kit is complete and ready to go. Kit includes a 1 7/8" x 2 3/8" frame with your choice of truss spacing. A full ventilation system includes exhaust fans, automated louvers, and HAF fans to help lower humidity. Woven membranes with a 4 year warranty insures protection from the elements. A fully automated light deprivation package makes controlling the light cycle effortless with 2 powerful 100nm motors and a programmable light dep controller. Includes all necessary accessories for all core functions. Lumber and cement to be purchased separately.

Key Features:

  • programmable automated light dep system with drive
  • heavy duty woven greenhouse membranes clear & black
  • greenhouse film fastening system
  • fully automated ventilation system
  • wind retention system
  • steel framed end wall package with barn style sliding door
  • all steel and hardware for framing package

Available Upgrades:

  • de-humidification systems
  • reinforced greenhouse trussing
  • heating systems
  • evaporative cooling system
  • greenhouse lighting
  • rolling / fixed benches

Service Options:

  • certified contractors for greenhouse erection
  • site plan development
  • on site consulting
  • engineered plans
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