South Dakota Greenhouses

From Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Mitchell and beyond, greenhouse seekers in South Dakota have diverse needs from commercial greenhouses to light deprivation greenhouses, winter greenhouses, and small-scale greenhouses. With the legalization of a certain short-day specialty crop coming out of the 2020 election, there is sure to be a rise in the need for greenhouses that protect high value crops from inclement weather conditions. Greenhouse growers must consider climate factors like drought, severe weather, and cold temperatures that are prevalent in the state.

Best South Dakota Greenhouse

South Dakota experiences cold, dry winters to warm and semi-humid summers. During the summer there are often severe thunderstorms with high wind, hail, and tornadoes are not uncommon. Winters can also be hard with blizzards, ice storms, high winds, and freezing temperatures. This means that greenhouse builders in South Dakota need to create a structure that is strong enough to withstand these conditions.

Features of a Greenhouse That Can Withstand Snow

  • Semi-Gable greenhouse frames are strongest under snow
  • Truss reinforcement supports greenhouse frames
  • Four-foot sidewall spacing ensures structural integrity under snow load
  • Heating and climate control systems custom designed for your site’s specific needs

To get the best greenhouse for South Dakota’s climate, you’ll want to consider factors that will help strengthen the structure. You can do that by keeping your sidewall height at 4-feet or 6-feet, reducing your truss spacing to 4-feet, adding truss reinforcement, opting for a semi-gable greenhouse with a steep peak that will help shed snow, and using a poly inflation kit with double sheets of greenhouse plastic. To combat the freezing winter temperatures and keep you growing all year, you can install a Modine Heater with HAF fans. Finally, you can be sure that Hortitech Direct greenhouse frames are durable and made to last with 100% US steel 1 7/8" .095 GA bows and 2 3/8" .095 GA posts.

Greenhouse Kits for South Dakota

Some people like to take the DIY route and purchase only a greenhouse frame, but Hortitech Direct also offers a selection of pre-configured greenhouse kits. These greenhouse kits are a great deal that ensures your greenhouse has all of the materials and equipment it needs. In addition to natural ventilation and automated ventilation greenhouse kits, we also offer a selection of light deprivation greenhouse kits.

Light Deprivation Greenhouses

There are options for manual external light dep, automated external light dep, and internal light dep. If you plan on growing high value short-day crops, you will need light deprivation to make sure that their vegetative growth and flowering cycles are properly timed. This also allows you to cultivate more crops in a year without depending on the season. With the excitement of this newly legalized crop, you’ll want to be prepared for its special needs. Being able to cultivate year round allows you to keep growing through the winter when the market traditionally becomes more scarce. Growing new crops can be a risk, but the experts at Hortitech Direct have extensive experience and can help make sure you have everything you need to set yourself up for success!

Buying South Dakota Greenhouses and Greenhouse Supplies

If you are interested in buying a Hortitech greenhouse in South Dakota, we offer freight shipping to your location. To get a price quote for freight shipping you can email us at We are a greenhouse manufacturer so our structures offer manufacturer-direct pricing that is among the lowest in the nation.

In addition to our greenhouse frames and greenhouse kits, we also offer a large variety of greenhouse supplies and equipment. Most of our grow supplies ship free so you can get them delivered to your site instead of having to drive into town. Finally, our website is staffed by real humans with real industry experience. In addition to our massive knowledge base articles, we offer support like remote site audits and greenhouse consulting. You won’t find better customer service and support at greenhouse megastores and our prices are surprisingly competitive!