commercial greenhouse cannabis permit checklist

Greenhouse Building Permits

You're going to have to jump some hoops but this guide will help you see the light at the end of the gable.  Being methodical will save you time. Zoning and permitting is most often handled at the county level.  Most counties will have resources online about fees, land use planning, property and permit research, e-permitting, and forms and documents.

Commercial Permits — will often have additional requirements such as odor control, location in relation to property boundaries and other structures, setbacks from the property lines and separating distances, and more. Make sure to inquire specifically for your application.

Before You Begin

Permitting can be time consuming and push into your grow season. Give yourself plenty of time to get through the process. Finding and familiarizing yourself with your county's online published property, zoning, and permitting resources can be incredibly helpful. Once you've wrapped your mind around the process and have basic information about your project reach out to the county and get in touch with a planner, technician, assistant, or inspector. Let them know you've already looked through resources online and you're looking forward to any additional advice they can give you.


  • Property Information — Look up desired property for all known zoning, tax assessment, development, service provider, transportation, and sales information
  • Existing Permits — Find the search tool online that allows you to look up if there are existing permits for the selected property.
  • Required Documents — County resources online may be able to create a definitive list of all required documents. If you have any doubts call the county.
  • Zoning Approval — Get everything you're going to need put together for zoning approval.
  • Site Plan Approval — Verify requirements and submit all necessary elements for site plan approval to the county.
  • Architectural Plans — A complete architectural overview of the entire project for an at-a-glance assessment may be required by your county.
  • Electrical Diagrams — Submit plans with equipment specifications, location, brand, model, along with power requirements and other relevant information. Links to equipment information pages may be helpful, including manuals in PDF format.
  • Engineering Plans — Have your engineering company submit certified engineering drawings.
  • Plumbing Diagram — Provide the county with your greenhouse plumbing plans both inside and outside the greenhouse.
  • Fire Safety — Sumbit any available fire prevention, safety, and flame rating information.
Commercial cannabis permit