8'x30'x8' Backyard Greenhouse Kit

8'x30'x8' Backyard Greenhouse Kit

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Toughest Small Greenhouse on the market

Perfect for the hobbyist or homesteader, the Hortitech Backyard Greenhouse Kit is complete and ready-to-go.

  • Thermostat controlled cooling — set and forget
  • Made with parts used in commercial agriculture
  • Inflation kit insulates in winter/summer
  • Frost protection

Kit includes a 1 5/8" steel frame, steel endwall framing with 30" sliding door, 2" steel base plate, and rigid polycarbonate endwalls. A full ventilation system includes exhaust fan, automated shutter, and thermostat to control temperature and humidity. Twin layer plastic coverings with inflation kit keeps your greenhouse insulated. Plastic covering has a 4 year warranty. Includes all necessary accessories for all core functions.

Comparison w/ competitor models

  • Steel is considerably stronger than aluminum and plastic joints
  • Much fewer parts, and easier to maintain
  • Inflation kit provides better insulation
  • Auto ventilated out of the box
  • American made

Installation Video:
Watch the installation video:

1 5/8" galvanized steel frame
Industrial steel pipe, shape sheds snow

Galvanized Steel endwall framing
Strong 1 1/2" steel square stock

2" square stock steel base frame
Steel frame provides rigid, reliable base

Exhaust fan 1,400 CFM
Evacuates air in less than a min

Regulates temperature, set and forget

30" sliding door
Wheelbarrow width, better than swinging door

8mm twin wall panels
Insulates end walls, long life, high light transmission, easy to clean

Inflation motor
Inflates 2 layers of plastic insulation, has anti-condensate properties.

Double layer covering
Two layers of 6mil plastic insulates to regulate temperature (4y UV coating)

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