Hortitech Steel Buildings

Best Value and Lead Time

The fastest lead time in the industry! Hortitech can have buildings delivered in 3 weeks from the order date. Our system is built primarily from 2" square galvanized steel tubing. Purlins are included for 2' spacing. The ceiling of the grow room can be connected directly to the bottom cord of the framing so there is no need for a suspended ceiling!

In-house rendering

Need 3D renders to get your project put in front of investors or pushed through the public process? Hortitech does that too! Our professional in house design team can help with any needs.

Share your Floorplan

We use DPS (diversified panel systems) panels for all grow room walls and ceiling constructions.

These panels arrive pre fabricated for your floor plan. Simply lay down the track, then connect all the walls and drop the ceiling and BOOM grow room!

Share your floorplan with our sales team, and we will work with you to realize your vision.

Complete kits starting at $45,000

Our pricing is competitive and all-inclusive.

These structures are ready to build off the truck.

30'x100'x12' - $45,000

40'x100'x12' - $50,000

50'x100'x12' - $59,500


We are flexible and willing to meet any of your project needs.

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