High Tunnel System Initiative:
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Free Greenhouse? How?

The Natural resources conservation service (NRCS) is a government agency that is tasked with funding various conservation efforts across the United States. The NRCS will pay farmers to implement practices and technologies that help conserve their environment.

Since one of these practices is greenhouse farming, they include a grant called the High Tunnel Grant, under The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).


Hortitech Greenhouses have a long list of environmental & societal benefits:

  • Steel frame will last generations of farming
  • Add months to your growing season
  • Protect plants and soil
  • Reduce need for pesticides
  • Provide your community with fresh produce
  • Our 6 and 9 mil gauge plastics are rated for 4 years of growing


These qualities make all of our greenhouses eligible for the High tunnel grant.

Who can receive a grant?

To qualify for a grant (and possibly advance payments) you will need to meet certain criteria. In the NRCS's own words:

"Eligible applicants(s) include:

  • Agricultural producers
  • Owners of non-industrial private forestland
  • Indian Tribes
  • Those with an interest in the agricultural or forestry operations
  • Water management entities"

If you fall under any of these categories, you should look at the complete requirements on the government EQIP webpage.

Or even better, contact your local/state USDA service center using this locator tool USDA Service Center Locator.

Need a quote?

When you're ready to get a quotation for your EQIP application, contact our sales team either through sales@hortitechdirect.com, or calling us at 1-541-605-3555

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