Greenhouse Rolling Tables

You may be wondering, “What is a greenhouse rolling table?” A rolling bench system (bench and table are used interchangeably) is an indoor grow table that maximizes the use of space in your greenhouse or indoor grow room. These systems provide ergonomic benefits to workers, allow you to get the highest yields per your grow space, and keep your cultivation space clean and organized. Hortitech Rolling Bench Systems in 4-ft or 5-ft are an especially good option for hydroponic rolling tables. Commercial greenhouse rolling benches are useful if you are growing plants in containers as well. No matter what growth substrate you are using, rolling benches will allow you to smoothly roll your tables from side to side eliminating the need for multiple aisles in your growing space.

Rolling Benches for Sale

Building rolling greenhouse benches takes a lot of engineering and requires you to use high-grade stainless steel or aluminum cut to various lengths, along with components for the greenhouse bench tops. DIY rolling grow tables are not a good idea because an individual will not get economic pricing on building supplies and will have to invest impractical amounts of time into building them. Building greenhouse tables DIY will also require a lot of tools and welding which most people will not have on hand.

When it comes to buying a sliding bench system, rolling grow benches are costly, but not so costly that you will not immediately save a significant amount of time and money over trying to build them yourself. Rolling tables will have different costs depending on what size you want, but if you are not looking for anything over about 10-feet, $1,000 to $1,500 per table is an approximate price that you can expect for a sliding bench system. Many systems will also come with a warranty that offers added value since you would be entirely responsible if something goes wrong with a DIY rolling grow table.

Stationary Greenhouse Benches vs Rolling Grow Tables

When looking at tables for greenhouse use, you may just need something simple to assist with daily work. However, if you are planning on putting your plants on a table, the cost of rolling tables vs a stationary table made of food-grade anti-corrosion stainless steel is surprisingly comparable. Why buy a $500 stainless steel stationary greenhouse bench that will not offer anything extra when you can invest a little more upfront for a long-term solution that maximizes your growing capacity? Remember that grow room and greenhouse tables need to withstand humid conditions that will contaminate a basic stainless steel work table with rust after a very short period of time. Commercial greenhouse benches need to be constructed of a material that will resist rust and corrosion for years to come. Instead of re-purposing grow tables, it is wise to invest in commercial grow tables that are intended for greenhouse or grow room use.

Rolling Bench Design

Rolling bench designs from Hortitech employ a modular system that allows you to create truly custom greenhouse benches. When benches are installed in a parallel layout, the rolling grow benches can move side to side across the aisle space so there is only one aisle in use at a time. Depending on which brand of rolling greenhouse tables you choose, they will offer slightly different designs with different abilities to move directionally and some also offer adjustable height.

Types of Greenhouse Benches

Hortitech rolling benches are just one of the many types of greenhouse benches that are available. A v-track rolling bench is another type of greenhouse rolling table. They provide the same space-saving benefits as a regular rolling bench system, but instead of having a fixed base, the entire table moves on a rolling track called a “floor-mounted v-track.”

Of course, if you are looking for a stationary alternative to greenhouse rolling tables, you may consider a grow tray stand (also called a flood table stand). These simple stands are used to elevate plastic grow trays. They can be used to hold plants in containers, but are most commonly used in hydroponics ad flood tables.

Where to Buy Commercial Greenhouse Tables

Whether you are looking for simple grow tray stands, hydroponic rolling tables, or rolling bench systems Hortitech Direct has a variety of offerings to fit your needs. Our expert staff can help you with your greenhouse table plans for rolling greenhouse benches. If you need something that you do not see in our store, feel free to reach out to us. In some cases, we can offer custom solutions and designs to fit your special needs.