LEC and CMH Grow Lights

Ceramic metal halide (CMH) lamps offer many advantages for commercial horticultural cultivation. CMH lamps offer a very high light output per watt and can be placed further away from the plant canopy. CMH ballasts have a long lifespan with enduring quality. CMH lamps are a workhorse for commercial production but they can run very hot and do not always provide the wavelengths plants need at every growth stage. Indeed, they are most often used during vegetative growth and for hydroponic HID lighting. In some cases, HPS lamps, LED grow lights, or fluorescent grow lights are more suitable. LEC Lighting (light emitting ceramic) is an innovation on MH lamps. LEC lighting contains a ceramic arc tube instead of the quartz arc tube used in MH lamps. The result is that you get more natural color and more lumens per watt with LEC vs CMH lighting. A 315 watt LEC fixture with 4200K color is a popular option.

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